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AEG F55322ViO Built in Dishwasher
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AEG F55322ViO Built in Dishwasher
£359.00 - £329.00

AEG F55322ViO Built in Dishwasher

Intensive care 70°C wash: An intensive 70°C wash cycle where the final hot rinse is extended by 11 minutes at 70°C, thereby killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

Built in Programmes include: Multi-tab: Optimises the cleaning results of all-in-one detergents by ensuring that all the elements of the detergent are used in the correct phase of the cycle for perfect results. Salt & rinse aid indicators:

Reminder to refill the salt and rinse aid

End of programme audible alarm: An audible alarm indicates when the programme is finished and the dishwasher ready to unload.

Auto half load: Auto half load allows the dishwasher to determine whether there is a full or half load and will moderate the water and energy consumption accordingly.

Foldable cup shelves Height adjustable upper basket

Sensorlogic: Sensorlogic uses sensors in the dishwasher to measure the size of the load and the level of soiling. The wash programme is then adjusted to give the best possible performance whilst keeping water, electricity and detergent to a minimum.

Time remaining indicator: Indicates the amount of time remaining until the programme ends. Capacity is based on 'IEC' standard place settings. This standard allows you to compare the capacity of dishwashers using a common measure. Delay start of up to 24 hours: You can set the wash programme to start in up to 24 hours enabling you to use your time efficiently without worrying about your laundry. Up to 24 hour time delay 30 min

60° quickwash: For an extra quick wash or freshen up.

Height adjustable upper basket: Provides more flexibility as bigger items can be loaded in the lower basket by raising the upper basket on one side, even if the basket is loaded.

13 XtraDry functions

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